Cytology Stains


Cytology is the examination of individual cells and surrounding material. These samples are usually gathered either by taking an impression smear, fine needle aspirate or skin scraping of the area in question. Once the sample is collected, it is either viewed freshly or dried and stained using a three-step staining technique. It is then examined under a microscope.

While this technique may often give accurate answers about general processes, sometimes additional testing, such as histopathology or bacterial culture and sensitivity, may be necessary before a definitive treatment regime is begun.


Blood Tests

Blood Pathology

At WCVH, we test the majority of our blood pathology samples in our own laboratory, saving time.

However, some specialised tests necessitate off-site analysis, and these samples are sent interstate for processing. Once these samples are analysed, the results are faxed directly back to our Hospital.



Idexx MachineAnalysis of blood biochemistry gives us vital information about the function of your pet’s liver, kidneys, biliary duct system, pancreatic function and electrolyte concentration. Depending upon the clinical presentation of the patient,  the most appropriate of these tests may be undertaken in hospital.

A selection of these tests comprise our pre-anaesthetic blood screen, which we recommend all sick or elderly patients have before undergoing anaesthesia or sedation.

Blood Counts:

Blood counts (or blood cell analysis) give us information about the body’s response to certain diseases. This is usually seen in increases or decreases in the normal range of red and white blood cells, and platelets.

Drug monitoring:

Drug monitoring is important in certain diseases, such as canine epilepsy. In the case of canine epilepsy, phenobarbitone and potassium bromide concentrations are measured at regular intervals. The results of these tests are interpreted in conjunction with the results of a thorough physical examination of the patient, and the seizure history since their last check-up.

Testing for Infectious Diseases:FIV

Many viral diseases can be tested for with a simple blood test. The most common viral test we run at WCVH is the test for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) prior to vaccinating a cat for the first time. Some tests are sent to an outside Laboratory to confirm results of in house tests or check for other viruses, these include Feline Leukemia Virus, and Feline Corona Virus.


 blood test


Emma Streatfield

Emma is our Head Nurse. She has over 10 years experience nursing in the UK and overseas
and has worked as a locum nurse at WCVH in 2014 before becoming a permanent member of staff in March 2015.

Her training and studies were completed in the UK and she has worked in several Small Animal
Practices as well as a Specialist Hospital before deciding to see something of the world and working as
a locum nurse in South Africa and Australia.

Emma’s skills and experience are an excellent addition to our nursing team and her baking skills
are equally welcome by all staff members!



Laura Fleitas

How did you become a qualified veterinary nurse or technician 

Once I had finished my schooling in Canberra, I packed my bags and made the big move out to
regional Wagga Wagga to complete a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology through Charles Sturt
University. It took 3 years of full time dedication to complete this degree where I also obtained a
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing as part of the course. My degree gave me a deeper
understanding of the anatomy of our pets and all the different illnesses they can experience,
the various in house pathology tests used daily and how to obtain good quality diagnostic images.
This all helps support the practical skills I learnt through my vet nursing certificate which
allows me to provide high quality care to each patient.

How long have you been a vet nurse?

I began working as a Veterinary Nurse halfway through 2018 at the Small Animal Referral Hospital
in Wagga Wagga. In 2019 I came on board full time with Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital.

Do you have any pets? Can you tell me a bit more about them?

I have two little buddies that truly make my house a home. First came Cooper, a Miniature Fox
Terrier that is my little shadow and is definitely a lot smarter than he looks. Then there
was William, a ginger Domestic Short Hair who enjoys making biscuits on your lap and flicking
pens under the fridge.

What has been your most memorable moment in your nursing career so far?

There have been so many highlights in my career so far but the most unique experience was
when I helped position a sedated lioness for radiographs. They are so much bigger in real
life than The Lion King made them seem!!


Sammi Muir

 How long have you been a vet nurse?

I have worked in the industry since 2010, in November 2011 I completed my Cert IV in Veterinary

Do you have to do ongoing further education?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology by distance education through CSU
and will graduate in 2025.

Do you have any pets? Can you tell me a bit more about them?

I have many pets but my 3 legged rescue cat Milo is my favourite. He was surrendered to me
when he was 2 yr old, besides missing a hind leg and limiting  his jumping ability it hasn’t
affected his life otherwise and he is most affectionate.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Vet nursing is a very rewarding job, I like being able to advocate for patients and give advice
to owners. There is no standard day as a nurse, everyday presents new challenges and
opportunities to learn. Helping animals through illness and into recovery is a truly rewarding


Violet Eason

What do you enjoy most about vet nursing?

The thing I enjoy most about being a vet nurse, is caring for all the animals that come into our
care, along with monitoring surgeries.

How long have you been a vet nurse?

I have been a veterinary nurse for 2 years.

Do you have any pets? Can you tell me a bit more about them?

I have a dog named Sunny, he is a beautiful white and ginger Australian Sheppard cross. He
is full of energy and loves to have a conversation with many cuddles.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing patients that were really unwell, going home on
the road to recovery.


Sara Pineo

What do i enjoy most about vet nursing? 

Vet nursing is a rewarding career, to be able to help sick animals and see them joyfully go home
is a feel good moment. I also enjoy seeing the animals come in as babies and continue to see
them grow up in the clinic.

How long have you been a vet nurse?

I start nursing at a horse stud in Seymour VIC, were I assisted the vet with bandaging legs,
assisting with foals, and assisting with the breeding side of things. I then continued to a
Equine clinic in Cowra NSW where I did ICU nursing during  the night. During these times I
wasn’t qualified and have now started and continuing my studies through CIT in Canberra.

Do i have any pets?

I grew up on a cattle/pig farm down in Victoria so i had many pets, from dogs, cats, horses,
sheep. I currently have a Labrador X, and a rescue dog. They are both so funny, Axel the Lab
does a little dance when he sees me ever time I walk in the door. Jibba the rescue dog, just
drops on the floor in front of you demanding belly rubs first. they both love dog parks and
the water.

Do you have any ongoing education?

I am currently still finishing my Certificate IV in vet nursing, after that I hope to do a
diploma of emergency nursing, and maybe even go to uni to do a Bachelor of Veterinary


Kylie Murton 

Why did you decide to work in a veterinary Hospital?

I have always loved working with animals big and small. They always put a smile on your face

Do you have any pets? Can you tell me a bit more about them?

I have a whippet named Flynn, he is a bundle of energy and keeps you on your toes every day.
One cat named Jack who is now an old man and spends alot of time in bed. Two Horses that
spend the day running around the paddock enjoying life

How long have you been working in the Veterinary Industry? 

I have worked at Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital for 15 Years now, during that time I have
watched many puppies and kittens grow into old age.

Nyssa Hakaraia

Why did you decide to work in a vet hospital?

I decided to work in the vet industry as I have always wanted to work with animals and enjoy the
time I get to spend with them.

What do you enjoy most about working in a vet hospital?

The most rewarding part of my job is learning more about how animal health works and being able

to handle some very cool animals such as lizards, birds, turtles, echidnas, sugar gliders and

Do you have any pets? Can you tell me a bit more about them?

I have one dog, her name is Nala, I named her after Nala from the Lion King. She is my
best friend and partner in crime. She is a Japanese Spitz and although she leaves fur all
over my house I wouldn’t change having her for the world.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

My most memorable moment at work was when we had a tiny little sugar glider brought into
us. They were so tiny it could fit in the palm of my hand.



Why did you want to work in a veterinary hospital?

When I was a young bird I foolishly flew away from home and had to be rescued by a very kind
person who brought me to Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital. They were very nice to me and gave
me a home and I decided to stay and work as a reception supervisor and client relations officer to earn my keep.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

Singing Pop goes the weasel as loud as I can. Oh, also making my annoying squeaky wheel noise
when Kylie is on as I know it drives her crazy.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Having clients come and say hello to me and giving me head scratches.


Samantha Spooner

Do you have any pets? Can you tell me a bit more about them?

I have a Jack Russell named Coco whom is still kicking it with me since I was 4 years old, she is
pretty much a grandma now but I love her even though she can’t see or hear me anymore.

What is it like to have to share your workspace with Arnie?

Arnie is the only bird that has ever stolen   my heart, sharing the work space with him only
makes my day better. I love listening to him sing his little heart out and love all the kids when they come
admire how cool he is.

What do you enjoy most about working in a vet hospital?

I enjoy many things about working in a vet hospital like getting to see such a groovy range of
animals come through but I love being able to constantly learn in my role and be challenged everyday.

What has been your most memorable moment at work?

My most memorable moment at work so far was when Laura was teaching me how to get an
injured Cockatoo into a cage for a carer to take home and look after, when the Cockatoo slipped
away from me and we were running around the room like two crazy ladies trying to contain the
Cockatoo and get it back into the cage without me crying.

Victoria Forner