Owners are often concerned about anaesthesia for their pets, and while any anaesthetic carries a small risk we can really minimise the risks with careful preparation. Read more


Owners are often unaware that their pet’s teeth have problems until they come in for their check up, or their pet’s bad breath alerts them to problems. Read more


We keep many prescription medications on hand so that treatment can begin without delay. Read more


Endoscopy allows us to investigate and treat certain diseases using minimally invasive procedures. Read more

First Aid for Pets

It is important to understand when you might need to provide first aid for the pets in our family and how. Read more


We have a number of leads, head collars and harnesses that will solve your problems and return the joy to your walks. Read more


Radiography (X-rays) and ultrasound have the ability to "look through" tissues. Read more

Senior Care

Arthritis can affect dogs and cats of any age but is most common in pets over 7 years of age. Read more


Ever wondered what happens when your pet comes to WCVH for surgery? Read more