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First aid kit for your pets

Knowing some of the basics and having a first aid kit on hand may save your pets life.First Aid Kit

To make up a first aid kit for your pet is quite easy.

Get a water proof bag large enough to hold the following supplies:

  • Sterile wound dressing,
  • gauze bandage,
  • medical tape,
  • scissors,
  • tweezers,
  • thermometer andlubricant such as KY Jelly,
  • small syringe or eye dropper,
  • chlorhexidine disinfectant in a small bottle (with instructions on how to dilute it for use),
  • plastic non latex gloves,
  • ophthalmic saline solution,
  • antiseptic wound ointment, and
  • a small bottle or bag containing a few washing soda crystals.

Additionally have a ruler or other rigid material for a splint and a blanket large enough to cover your pet and a soft nylon rope to fashion a muzzle in an emergency.

Optional Extras include tick remover, and instant cold pack.

Once you have gathered you supplies place them in your waterproof bag and add a card with your vets and the Animal Emergency Centres number on it.

Your first aid kit is now ready