How to make a puzzle box toy for your cat

Making a puzzle box is simple, quick, inexpensive, and can provide hours of fun for your cat.

1 Supplies 1) All you need is an old shoe box  or small cardboard box, a feather, ping pong ball or other small cat toy, a sharp knife and some packing tape.
3 Cut Holes 2) Simply cut 2-3 holes into the sides and top of the box with a sharp knife.
2 Mark Holes 3) Make the hole large enough for the cat to fit its paw inside, about the size of a 50 cent piece should do it.
which_toy_do_i_want 4) Place 1-2 small toys in the box.
4 Taping Box 5) Put on the lid and tape it securely to the box (making sure not to occlude the holes) and your puzzle box is complete.

Why not get the kids involved and decorate it with non toxic marker pen.

Now show your cat the box tilting it so your cat can hear and see the toys moving. With most cats curiosity takes over and they start fishing through the holes. If they are reluctant, add 2-3 favourite treats into the box and see if that gets her interested. Now your feline can expend some energy trying to get those toys out

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