Kylie M

Kylie Murton

Kylie works part time in reception but is also in charge of ordering our supplies, so if something is needed we all talk to Kylie.

On top of caring for her human family she has her cat Jack and 2 horses – Benson and Ace as well as her little Whippet Bailey to keep her busy while at home.




Liz Hicks

Liz is the most recent addition to our reception team filling in for Maria while she is on leave. She is a born and bred country girl and proud mother of 5 children.

Her spare time is spent watching her children’s sporting pursuits and doing some walking. She has 2 cats Bella (named after Bella Trix L’Strange from Harry Potter) and Rose.




Arnott (Arnie)

He is a very cheeky Cockatiel that likes to make himself heard with “Pop goes the Weasel” and if ignored for too long wolf whistling louder and louder until someone pays attention.

He likes riding on shoulders and getting head scratches, and while he believes any form of vegetable or fruit is dangerous and must be treated with caution he loves to have a nibble on Arnott’s Milk Arrowroot biscuits (hence his name).Since his arrival some years ago

Arnie has assumed the role of official mascot at Weston Creek.


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