Does Fido howl and bark when you leave for work?

Does Felix leave little presents on your bed?

You no longer have to have to put up with it, and your animals no longer have to suffer in silence. A behaviour service is available at Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital to help iron out all those difficult problems that prevent you from having a better relationship with your pet.

Recent studies have shown that one of the primary reasons an animal is left at a shelter such as the RSPCA is due to unwanted behaviour. It is also one of the more common reasons animals are euthanased. For years there was little we could do about this, but recent advancements in our understanding of behaviour have helped us come to grips with these problems, and thus improve them.

However, it does take time and effort to establish a diagnosis, as we unfortunately can not ask the pets how they feel. We rely on you, the owner, for almost all our information. In some cases, you may have to follow pets around with video camera to catch them in the act, so to speak! Treatment is also not as easy as in most medical conditions.

Sometimes the remedy is quite quick but usually it relies on a multifaceted approach involving training, medication and in some cases lateral thinking. Most true behaviour problems can be treated effectively with time and patience but cures are rare. For instance, a dog afraid of thunderstorms may learn to tolerate them but will never be truly comfortable with them, just as people truly afraid of spiders may overcome their fear but they will never learn to like spiders.

If your pet has a behaviour problem and you would like to help him or her, inquire at reception about an appointment with Dr. Doris Beck, one of our veterinarians with a special interest in animal behaviour.

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